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 Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri 9am-5pm / Evenings and Weekends by appointment TREATMENT PRICES 30 minutes $40 • 60 mins $70 • 90 mins $100 • 120 mins $130 • CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY ** The therapist uses a gently touch to listen to the body and the cerebral spinal fluid rhythm. Through a series of techniques, CST releases the source of the problem rather than chasing symptoms. CranioSacral Therapy releases tensions deep within the body to relieve pain, dysfunction, and to improve whole body health and performance. ** Please wear comfortable clothing as this massage is done fully clothed ** • INTEGRATED MASSAGE Drawing from a number of techniques, the therapist is able to relax muscles, increase circulation, and restore a sense of balance and harmony to the guest. Pregnancy massage is recommended after the first trimester. • POWER NAP ** Enjoy the comforting ambiance of the Varada Therapy’s massage room. Slip into deep relaxation with a cooling eye cover and a warm neck roll while inhaling the signature calming blend of essential oils. Let the soothing music and relaxing water fountain lull you to into a refreshing sleep. The power nap is a perfect ending to a wonderful massage or can be an exceptionally refreshing short break from the stresses of life. • REFLEXOLOGY ** By stimulating points on the feet and hands, your body can prevent stagnation, promote homeostasis (balance) within the body’s systems, tissues, organs, and parts, improve circulation, and encourage deep relaxation. • REIKI ** Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy and is transferred to the guest by gently laying the hands on the body to balance the chakras. When the body’s major energy centers, chakras, are in harmony, the body is better able to heal itself and calm the mind. Reiki integrates a healing amongst the body, mind, soul, and spirit. ** Please wear comfortable clothing as this massage is done fully clothed ** All treatments will end on time, regardless of the start time. Please arrive early to your first appointment. We require a 24 hour notice of cancellations and reserve the right to charge for missed appointments.

AROMATHERAPY   The therapist uses a lighter touch to allow a custom blend of essential oils to send the body into deep relaxation boosting energy levels, and aiding in the healing process. Guests will receive a roller stick of the custom blend to take home.


DRY BRUSHING   (Add 15 min)  Prior to your massage, the therapist brushes the skin to improve lymphatic fluid movement, encouraging circulation, and increasing energy.


HOT STONES    Tension melts away as warm stones are used over the entire body, radiating deep into tight muscles and bringing your body into deep relaxation.


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We are in the Upper West office suite of the building at 544 Fairway Drive. This is the same building as Romenesko Family Dentistry, Orthopedic Spine Therapy, and Self Image Gym.


Call us at 920-227-8260 anytime and if we don't pick up, please leave a voice mail, we'll return your call as quickly as possible. Additionally you can drop us an email at




See the difference massage can make in your life ! Whether you are a worker experiencing stiffness, a busy parent, a farmer, an athlete, have back or neck pain…. everyone in other words….. you can benefit from massage. Find relief from tension, swelling, anxiety, pain and much more. Tamara Hillmann is a licensed massage therapist practicing since 2008. She draws from a number of techniques to relax muscles, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and provide a sense of balance and harmony to her clients. Tamara was educated at Fox Valley School of Massage Appleton and her work includes Kohler Waters Spa and Hopscotch Lounge and Café, which she created to provide a gathering place in Brillion that brings healthy food, community and massage into one setting. Now Tamara has opened Varada Therapy, a focused, grounded and rejuvenating destination...


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